It’s OK that you don’t know how many servers you have.

All you really need to know is, when BIGFOOT attacks, CAN YOU RECOVER?

Running a business is complicated and keeping up with I.T. is a monumental task.

Let’s assume that your IT works correctly right now. Security is good. You have servers. Your business software functions correctly. You can access your business files.

Your I.T. team is doing their job!

Do you need to know more than that?

What you DO need to know is how long it will take you to get up and running when you go down.

Fire! Flood! Theft! Bigfoot! You don’t care why you’re down, you need to know how long you’ll be down.

And that’s where keeping up-to-date with technology comes in.

It’s possible to replicate exact copies of your servers – all of them – to a different location on a regular basis.

Every 15 minutes you’ll have an exact copy of your server sent offsite.

If bigfoot does attack and destroys your server room overnight, you simply point your users to the offsite location of your servers and you’ve lost no more than 15 minutes of time and are 100% productive.

This really does work. It can be setup, run automatically and tested anytime you’d like.

We’d love to talk to you about bigfoot-proofing your company.

(And none of us have big feet.)

Kurt Simione