Coronavirus made the Office Optional

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So, COVID-19 ushered in the “Remote Workforce” age in a hurry!

In a matter of days, offices closed. Employees packed up to work from home. An instant remote workforce migration! Was your company affected? Most were. If nothing else, it taught us to be ready. Our businesses need to be flexible. We must be mobile. And we must be efficient. Location can’t affect our ability to produce.

Are you looking for guidance on the new norm. Can your IT support a remote workforce? Does your business have the ability to work-from-anywhere?

DAS Services is a trusted partner.  We can integrate mobility and flexibility into your organization. Business continuity is not a buzzword for us.

It’s a mindset.

We never missed a beat. And we functioned day, night, from home, from work.

We are truly Office-Independent. And we never quit!

Your business can be, too.

Whether for emergency situations, or a permanent setup, being as efficient offsite as you are onsite is necessary. A remote-capable office makes your business more adaptable to unforeseen problems. And, the ability to work from anywhere is no longer complex. Creating and managing IT for security and accessibility paves the way to office independence.

Talk to us about migrating your data to cloud services like Microsoft Azure. Also, you may already own cloud storage that’s included with Office 365 and Microsoft 365. OneDrive and SharePoint, which you may already own, are powerful data storage tools.

DAS Services is your leader in Remote Workforce and Office-Independent-Computing.

Let’s talk about what your company would look like as a mobile organization that never quits.