Ransomware Prevention

Using Modern Technology to Prevent Ransomware

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Ransomware Prevention

Viruses and malware have been a problem for years. However, the newest are more than a problem. Some delete your files. And others make changes to your programs. Further, some make your computer unusable.

The newest pieces of ransomware are more than a nuisance.

Ransomware encrypts your company’s data. Subsequently, it demands a ransom to decrypt it. And businesses pay! Fortunately, preventing ransomware is not hard. In fact, as a community service, we’ve made some of our methods available via instructional videos.

Ransomware has spawned an industry! And it’s profitable for the wrong people.

Malware is causing damage faster today than ever. Of course, the challenge is staying ahead of the bad guys. Firstly, we identify the vulnerabilities in your company. That is to say, we audit, list and prioritize your weak spots. Secondly, we address those weaknesses. In other words, we put policies in place to strengthen your systems. And, since users are part of the system, training is key! Keep in mind, the largest IT security risk in your company is likely your employees.

Recognize that the ransomware threat exists, but do not accept that there’s nothing you can do about it. Certainly, reasonable steps can protect your data from ransomware. And we can help you identify those steps and secure your network.

Yes, you can protect your company from ransomware.

A properly configured network can withstand ransomware. And ransomware prevention techniques will go a long way towards keeping your data safe. Likewise, keeping up-to-date with the newest methods of preventing ransomware is essential to a successful security posture. Additionally, end-user training is crucial to any effective IT security strategy.

Features are built into modern operating systems which allow an administrator to prevent ransomware damage. They just need to be enabled. To that end, we’ve created a video walk-through here.

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