Everyone’s talking about the QuickTime vulnerability!

The problem: Apple’s video-viewing program, QuickTime, has some potentially nasty vulnerabilities and Apple is no longer supporting the product on Microsoft Windows. If you use QuickTime on Windows, there’s no way to protect yourself.

The solution: Uninstall QuickTime from your PC.

What we did: While everyone was reading the news and talking about yet another security hole in another piece of software, we used our Remote Management (RMM) tools to find out which of the 1,000’s of PCs that we manage for our customers run the vulnerable QuickTime. Then we wrote a script to uninstall QuickTime from those PCs. It was easy! We merely told our software to compile a list of computers that ran QuickTime. Our tools allow us to run the scripts on the affected PCs. With a few clicks we pushed out the script. Within minutes, QuickTime was removed from any PC that had it installed. As a follow-up we informed our customers that they were safe from the vulnerability. No action was required on there end. Not even a reboot!

The entire process was quick, painless and allowed us to proactively do in a matter of minutes what would’ve previously taken weeks. That is Proactive IT.


This is how PROACTIVE IT works.   🙂