Point To Point Wireless

Kurt and Mark worked on a cool Point to Point (P2P) wireless project this week.

We had a situation where two buildings needed to be networked. Building A housed the network, servers and internet. Building B housed 6 computers that needed to talk to the servers in Building A. Typically, we would create the necessary link (called a WAN) via an internet connection and firewall in Building B. In this case, however, we were looking to avoid the cost of the second internet connection ($120/Month) and the second firewall ($900).

The two office buildings are about .5 miles apart. Our goal was to create an affordable wireless link between the buildings to avoid the cost of the second internet and firewall. The buildings were not line of sight (LoS) and only one of the building’s antennas could be mounted outside (outside is the ideal mounting point). The antenna at Building B needed to be mounted indoors for various reasons. So, the antennas couldn’t “see” each other directly.

We needed something robust enough to push through some obstacles between the two antennas to allow for a usable wireless link of at least 10Mb/s. And it had to be secure.

We ended up customizing a fully-encrypted point to point wireless network with two radios and two antennas that cost <$600. There are no ongoing monthly fees.

Wireless success!

And Kurt and Mark celebrated.