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The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was published in 1996. In summary, it was designed to protect the privacy and security of health information.

We help companies meet the requirements of HIPAA compliance.
It’s an older standard, but not difficult to meet.
And, modern, best-practice security methods will allow your company to be HIPAA compliant.

DAS Services has a security team that knows the in’s and out’s of HIPAA compliance. Meet our Security Team.

And they protect your business. That is to say, our security team defends you from HIPAA threats. Also, theft, social engineering, internal and external threats. Additionally, we can train your employees to recognize threats.

So, what’s the process?

First, we run a HIPAA audit. Our goal is to identify weaknesses. Next, we will present a report outlining your security posture. And, we’ll discuss areas where improvements can be made. Similarly, we’ll recommend solutions to raise your security standing. Further, we can remediate the weak spots. Lastly, we can run a post-HIPAA audit to present a clean report of HIPAA compliance.

The length of time required for compliance will vary depending on your current security posture. However, most modern companies will generally require basic improvements that can be accomplished in a matter of weeks.

We protect our customers using secure, best-practice IT methods. And it works!

Talk to us about Cybersecurity and IT security. We’d love to tell you what we’ve learned. Moreover, we’d love to apply that knowledge to your business IT.