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Are you looking for an IT Company in Hartford, CT?

Technology Seed is a dedicated IT company comprised of responsible IT Support professionals that maintain IT (Networks, Servers, Firewalls, Computers, Tablets, etc.) for our customers throughout Hartford, CT and all of New England.

Our customers generally realize a 25% – 50% decrease in their IT spending when switching to Technology Seed. Our CAP YOUR COSTS IT Support model revolves around preventing network and IT problems – and we’re quite good at that!

There are 4 distinct benefits to partnering with Technology Seed for IT Support:

1. We are true experts in our field and we stay current.
2. We offer unmatched levels of service, professionalism and integrity.
3. We are truly committed to our customers and their Information Technology.
4. We are local and provide onsite & remote IT service to the Hartford, CT area.

The methods we use to minimize IT System failures and downtime are effective, reliable & proven.

Yes, we do a lot of the stuff that all other MSPs do. We fix computers. We install servers. We setup fingerprint scanners. We’re the CTO, CIO and CSO.

But our business is based on so much more.

We monitor your I.T. systems to detect irregularities that need attention. Everyone says this – but we can demonstrate how we actually do it.

We script and enforce group policies to protect your systems when a user accidentally clicks on ransomware and brings your servers down. That’s proactive.

We can support the I.T. of your Hartford, CT business with our brand of proactive management that has worked so well for so many of our customers. Most important, we’ll support your business with the professionalism and courtesy that we’re known for.

We provide complete managed I.T. services and support on a flat/fixed monthly fee – because we’re paid on a flat fee, we’re motivated to prevent IT problems, not profit from them.

Are you looking for IT Companies in Hartford, CT? Give us a call – we’d like to talk.

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