Helping Our Schools

Technology Seed believes in education. We work very hard at what we do and we believe that those with a great educational foundation are better equipped to succeed in life.

However instead of just talking (or blogging!) about education, we decided to get involved!

About a year ago, in an effort to put our money where our mouth was, we rolled out a new program to smaller schools where we offered the schools discounted I.T. service as well as an equipment donation. Our goal was to donate equipment worth 25% of the value of the past year of I.T. labor.

In other words, if a school spent $1,000 on I.T. labor in support of their school, we’d donate technology-related equipment worth $250 at the end of the year.

Two local schools took us up on our offer: Granite State Arts Academy and Surry Village Charter School.

Now it’s time for Technology Seed to pay up!  : )

Surry Village Charter School is getting two new Lenovo Chromebooks to compliment several others that their students love! The Chromebooks are on order and they are eagerly awaiting their arrival.

Granite State Arts Academy picked a 32″ TV/DVD Combo for their dance classroom.

It’s a great feeling and we plan on keeping the program going into 2016 in the hopes of helping more schools help our kids. We can’t wait to work with the next generation of techies!  : )

If your school is interested in discounted I.T. and our equipment donation program, please call us or email We’d love to work with more schools, teachers and students!