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Business Continuity: Resistance to Downtime

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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity


Disaster Recovery (DR) has evolved into Business Continuity. And, while a path to recovery is needed, a plan for business continuity is critical. As such, your business should continue through an IT outage.

For example, your business software runs on your server. What happens if that server is down? And what if it’s 2 days? Your business apps (EHR, MRP, CRM etc.) are down.

But two days of downtime is not acceptable! Nor is it necessary! Cloud Servers run outside of your building. And replicate to multiple servers. So, if the first server goes down, the second server takes over. This happens in minutes, as opposed to hours. In summary, that is business continuity.


Business Continuity: Servers are accessible. Always. Planning can provide your company resistance to downtime. And our goal is to allow your organization to work through IT problems.

And the best part . . . business continuity plans are east to test! So, with a little forward thought, a test can be run with no downtime. In short, we love to prove that our solutions work. Our pride drives us. We’re vested in our solutions. And we take pride in our success.


So, how does Business Continuity work?

First, we audit your current IT. We look for weakness. And we look for points of failure.
Second, we provide a plan for redundancy. So, we propose methods of working through failure.
And third, we implement the plan. This may involve a cloud server migration. And the result is redundancy. You’ll have reliability. And efficiency.

Disaster Recovery is no longer for “disasters”. A well thought-out, well executed plan provides business-continuity. We keep your business running during even minor interruptions. Consider the benefits of avoiding and working through a disaster instead of waiting for the recovery.

DAS Services can help your business plan, implement and test a Business Continuity plan. We will keep your business running through the worst IT outages. In summary, we specialize in Resistance to Downtime.

Do not accept downtime as a necessary part of business IT. Plan for Business Continuity.

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