Advanced IT CyberSecurity Auditing

The days of being able to shrug and say, “I didn’t know!” are over.

IT CyberSecurity Auditing to meet the compliance requirements of HIPAA, NIST, MIPS

Extensive IT Security, CyberSecurity Auditing and Threat Protection for your company

DAS Services has a security team dedicated to Cybersecurity. It’s all they do. They specialize in Cybersecurity Auditing and can perform penetration tests (PenTests) and pre-existing threat scanning. Likewise, we provide day-to-day threat detection and remediation, proactive policy scripting and enabling, security log aggregation and review, as well as long-term, cyber-security focused planning. 

We conduct varying degrees of security audits, depending on the type of customer and their business compliance requirements.

One of our more popular options, our Enhanced Cyber Security Audit, can include the following:


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  • Firewall/VPN Review
  • Active Directory Security Policy
  • AWS/Azure Environment Security
  • Virus Scan Status/Performance
  • Admin, Disabled, Dormant Accounts
  • Password Policy/Password Strength
  • Email Security Policy, Exposure
  • Encryption Policy
  • Backup/Disaster Recovery


  • Workstation & Server Security
  • Wireless Security
  • Security Policy and Procedure
  • Email Security and Threat Detection
  • Internal Vulnerability Scans
  • External Vulnerability Scans
  • PII scans for sensitive data
  • Penetration Test (PenTest) on Found Vulnerabilities
  • Dark Web Scan (Top 5 Accounts)
  • Internal Vulnerability Discovery
  • External Vulnerability Discovery
  • Network Changes
  • Anomalous Activity
  • Misconfigurations
  • Administrative Rights Granted
  • Custom Security Policy Violations

If you have a competent IT team supporting your I.T. needs, that’s a great first step to keeping your company secure. But, be sure to remain involved in your IT security testing and reporting.

How do you know how safe your technology environment is? Has it been tested by a unbiased third-party? If you were hacked or if you lost data, would you be able to prove that your company is following modern, accepted security standards? We provide meaningful cyber-security auditing and, most importantly, comprehensive reporting to help you understand what your IT team is doing right, and where improvements are required.

You should consider a cybersecurity audit of your I.T. systems at least yearly. The days of being able to shrug and say, “I didn’t know!” are long gone. As a modern business, it’s not enough to hire the right people; it’s imperative that we verify, test, remediate and maintain.


Learn more about our Cyber-Security audit services.

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