CMMC Compliance

The Department of Defense requires that contractors receive a CMMC audit. After the audit, you’ll need a CMMC certification from a third party CMMC auditor. In short, any DoD contractor must be CMMC certified.

Our in-house CyberSecurity Team will prepare you for an audit or fix anything that needs attention following the audit.

The CMMC can be complex, but we make it easy. You’ll find most of the requirements are generally accepted “best practices.” They are designed to protect your company.

If you are just beginning, let’s talk about the process and get you started. Additionally, we will walk you through the steps you need to take in order to gain your CMMC certification.

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Looking for a Pre-CMMC Audit?

DAS Services will audit your IT in preparation for an accredited CMMC audit.

Our goal is to discover deficiencies that might hinder or prevent your organization from earning a CMMC certification.

Please Note: DAS Services is not a CMMC accredited auditor and does not provide CMMC certification. This is because the company that prepares you for the audit cannot be the same company that performs the audit. Our pre-audit is designed to make the process smoother when your organization begins the official CMMC Audit process.

Looking For Assistance and Remediation Post-Audit?

DAS Services can work with your organization to fix and remediate problems that were discovered during your CMMC Audit.

In short, many audits end with a list of action items that need to be fixed before your company can be certified. We’ll work to make the necessary changes to your IT so that we can help you comply.

Are You Preparing for CMMC Compliance?

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