The Issue

We recently worked with a customer that had an efficiency issue with how their wireless network was setup.

The customer was an east coast marine company and had over 100+ Access Points (APs) at 17 ports.  The issue was with the previous installation of the wireless network; they had to manually configure APs individually every time they made a change. This might be feasible if there are 2 or 3 different locations, but not 100 APs over 17 ports!

The Fix

Our solution was to configure the access points to talk to one single cloud controller. This way all of the access points could be managed remotely. This turned a process (rolling out a wireless change) that took 3 weeks to do, into a process that only required 15 minutes.

At Technology Seed we focus on preventing problems rather than waiting for one to cost our customers downtime. Setting IT up right the first time allows our customers to focus on their business.