Hospitals have been shut down.

The ones actively operating on sick people.

How does this happen?

Because those hospitals LET IT HAPPEN.

We could engage in a discussion about the people doing this, but that doesn’t help.

Let’s instead look at how the heck hospitals LET THIS HAPPEN.

What does ransomware do?

  1. First, it infects a users computer.This isn’t a big deal. Yes, it’s inconvenient for the user, but since no important files should be stored on that computer (they should be on the server), if the computer never turns on again, worst case scenario is you go buy a new one. All set.
  2. Second, it encrypts files on the serverand demands a ransom to decrypt them.

That’s it. That’s what ransomware does.

So what’s the big deal? Files on servers are being encrypted and people don’t know what to do about it.

Well, why not stop ransomware from encrypting files on the servers and avoid the whole mess in the first place.

There are tools built into Windows Server that will allow you to detect the encryption beginning and stop it immediately. Those tools are FREE. Microsoft builds them into the server and they are FREE to use.

That’s what Technology Seed does. We stop the infection by watching for it, then squashing it.

We follow best practices, and train end-users, but when a mistake is made (and mistakes will be made) we let our trained servers do what they do best – serve us.

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