We got a frantic call from one of our healthcare customers on Monday:

“Doctor K’s laptop was stolen over the weekend. What do we need to do? Are we at risk of a data breach?

The doctor believes there were patient x-rays saved on the drive!”

Our answer: “Do nothing.”

That’s correct. The doctor’s stolen laptop is 100% protected from prying eyes. No data on the laptop will be accessible to the thief.

Years ago, we made the decision to encrypt every laptop that we setup.

Every laptop, no matter who it’s for, gets encrypted.

Once the 100% encryption policy and process was up and running we then went back and encrypted every other laptop we managed that was already in service.

In short order, we had 100% compliance – all laptops we manage were protected (unless there was a specific reason we could not).

Because of that decision, a stolen laptop that contains sensitive patient data is not a concern (other than the loss of money from having to replace the unit).

Is your IT service provider taking the proper precautions to protect your data from would-be thieves? If you have questions about your overall security posture, let’s talk.